Forest view house

While planning this object, we had a task to occupy the minimum building area, preserving all the perennial trees that grow around. This house is for several families with a large living room for a common rest together.
Technical engineering equipment and a garage are located on the ground floor.
This is a 6-storey house, 2 of which are technical, while the remaining 4 are residential.

The architecture is specified with the complex hilly relief, so the ground floors of the building are partly dug into the hill and act as a retaining wall that holds the relief.

We used mixed technologies when designing the house — the first three floors, as well as the stairwell, are made by using monolithic technology, while the upper floors are designed and built using frame technology.

In addition, it was necessary to preserve the possibility of transport passing under the house, where the motor road was laid. In this regard, the living area is located above the roadway, leaning on the columns. The structure looks light due to the correctly selected proportions.

Energy efficient technologies were used in the design of the building.
284 sq.m.
house area
St. Petersburg
Nominee Archdaily Building of the Year 2022
Residential house
Plans and details
Master plan
South facade

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