Floating village

Having a home with a dock, a terrace and a floating garden in the city center sounds like an impossible dream. Especially when living in a big city of reinforced concrete and glass.
A limited area was allocated for the development of the project. It was necessary to take everything possible from the space and create a cozy living area, while maintaining the privacy of each house.

That is how the floating village appeared.

This is a unique, new form of housing. The idea of floating houses was taken as a basis, so each house stands on a separate pontoon. It creates an autonomous system for the blocks and makes it possible for each to move independently. At the same time, all of them have access to the pier, which allows them to remain a part of the city.

The minimalistic design combined with the unusual shape of the windows give the quarter a special atmosphere. The decoration uses vertical cladding in light wood and metal panels, which emphasizes the contrast between the surrounding city and the nature of the ladle itself.
1 305 sq.m.
St. Petersburg
In progress
Quarter on the water
Plans and details
Master plan

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